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We care about quality, which is why we use only the best organic tea leaves. Our CBD tea blend is carefully packaged in tea satchels designed to give you a safe dose of tea while also protecting the leaves. Your 14 tea bags are then placed in their airtight foil lined packaging insuring long lasting flavor.

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Organic Leaves

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Proper dosing

12.5 mg of CBD for a safe amount that you can feel!

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Infused with up to 12.5 mg of CBD in every bag you will get your moneys worth. Many companies only put 5 mg or less in their products which is too small of a dose to feel. You can also relax knowing Our tea is lab tested to contain 0% THC.

Unbleached Tea Bags

Safety is important and we take pride insuring the best quality right down to the triangle satchels we use.

No Distorted Flavor

First and foremost Vivify is a tea company. We worked hard to design a formula which would insure there would be no taste difference caused by the CBD. We also have developed a method to make sure the CBD is water soluble meaning the CBD oil does not separate from the water and create an oily texture.

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Customers reviews

I just finished my first cup and found it full-bodied and soothing. I love this tea! I am looking forward to my next cup and planning on buying up some more packets for gifts.
Katy Scott

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I consider myself to be a bit of a tea snob and this black tea is now my new favorite! I don't think my morning would be complete without it! The benefits I feel from the CBD takes tea time to a whole new level! Thank you Vivify!
Allie Dotty
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