CBD Boba Tea

Both CBD and Buba tea (also called bubble tea) are all the rage right now! This simple recipe combines these two treads creating an impressive foody experience! While CBD can be difficult to combine in beverage recipes do to the nature of the CBD oil separating from the other liquids, if you use Vivify’s CBD infused black tea leaves, then the recipes will be a breeze. Vivify’s high-quality black tea leaves have been infused in a way where the CBD will not be oily or separate from the water, making it the best choice for many homemade recipes and DIYs!

To make CBD Buble tea, you will need the following ingredients.

Vivify CBD black tea
filtered water
tapioca pearls (you can find many options on Amazon)
dark brown sugar
heavy cream
regular sugar

Step one: Make the tea
Follow the directions on the back of your vivify tea package to make 2 1/2 cups of tea. If you want a stronger tea for this particular recipe since the tea will be diluted with milk, then you may want to use double the amount of teabags. Use filtered water if possible for a better tasting tea. Set the tea aside to cool.

Step two: make the brow sugar syrup
combine 1/4 cup hot water and 1/4 cup dark brown sugar stir until the sugar dissolves

Step three: Make the tapioca balls
Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and then combine 3/4 cup tapioca balls. Set the stove to medium heat and cover the pot with a lid. Stir the boba occasionally to ensure they don’t stick together. When all the Buba is cooked to a chewy texture, remove them from the heat and drain the water!

Step four: froth your cream combine 1/4 cup heavy cream with 2 teaspoons sugar. Then using a handheld milk frother or whisk lightly froth your cream so that it is slightly thickened.

Step five: Assemble your drink
In a large cup, first, spoon in the tapioca balls and pour in the brown sugar syrup. Make sure both have cooled. Next, add ice (fill the cup almost to the top) and pour in the cooled black tea. Leave a little room for the cream. Top off the drink with the froth and enjoy it!

If you try this CBD Boba tea recipe let us know here or on social media how it goes!

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