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best dose of CBD

CBD: What Dose is Best?

What is the best CBD dose and CBD dose is most effective? When considering CBD, the first question for many is about how much should be taken. Currently, there are no solid guidelines for the best CBD dosage, so it can be a confusing topic. While we can’t make any recommendations, most advice tends to recommend starting small and increasing as desired. 

Typical Amounts of CBD in Commercial Products

Some of the best-known brands of CBD infused teas, gummies, and more typically have anywhere from 5 milligrams (mg) to 25 mg per serving. Some stronger products contain 50 mg or more. The market seems to have determined that these are the amounts of CBD people desire in a serving. However, much more research is needed to develop standardized recommendations.

Dosages in Research Studies

Research papers provide better evidence for what CBD dose is best. Some of the best CBD dose where those proven effective in the corresponding studies. Furthermore, these amounts of CBD are generally much higher than that found in commercial products. Dosages this high would likely prove too expensive for most people to justify. Moreover, a study that showed reduced public speaking anxiety used a dose of 600 mg (Bergamaschi, 2011). Likewise, this dosage was based on earlier research with dosages of 300 mg to 600 mg. Another study on the use of CBD for social anxiety disorder used a dosage of 400 mg (Crippa, 2011). 

Although doses lower than these have not been extensively studied, a 2018 article on the use of cannabinoids to treat pain, the target dosage of CBD was 25 mg along with 27 mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The highest approved recommended dose in this study was 30 mg CBD with 32 mg THC (Darkovska-Serafimovska, 2018). Additionally, another case study of a pediatric patient suffering from insomnia and PTSD showed improvement in sleep and anxiety with a 25 mg per day dosage of CBD (“Effectiveness”, 2016). The dosages range is large. That is to say, this research shows a range of studied dosages that appear to have been effective anywhere from 25 mg to 600 mg.

Differences Based on Body Weight and Need

With certain substances, the effectiveness of a dose may depend on body weight, genetics, metabolism, and the severity of the symptoms that a person is seeking relief from. Everyone is different. It is important to discuss the addition of CBD to your diet with your physician. As a starting point for this discussion, it appears that a common starting point for lighter weight people may range from 5 mg to 15 mg. Heavier people appear to use dosages from 15 mg to 25 mg. Users seeking stronger effects may benefit from 25 mg to 50 mg dosages. Once again, not everyone is the same. To reiterate, these are not dosage recommendations, but conversation points to discuss with your physician.

Ultimately, You Decide

At the end of the day, people that choose to try CBD are the ones that will decide their dosage. Evaluating products, educating yourself on current research, and discussing with your doctor can help you decide where to start. Therefor, it depends on your personal details. From there, experimentation may be necessary to further hone in on what works for you. Inconclusion, do your research. Learn about your personal factors. Then, start small. Work your way up. For Vivify’s CBD tea we have infused 12.5 mg of water soluble CBD in every bag.  With this amount our CBD tea will be safe and effective. Vivify has higher CBD quality then any other CBD tea on the market. This is what makes Vivify the best CBD tea your money can buy. If you are nervous about trying CBD for the first time Vivify’s CBD tea is a great starting point. With 12.5 mg you will feel the CBD without being overwhelmed. The calming effects of the CBD combined with teas natural soothing effects make it a less threating  product. To order Vivify CBD tea you can click here

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