CBD facial cleansing exfoliant!

If you are looking to make an easy facial exfoliant with awsome benefit, then this is the perfect tutorial for you! With a creamy lather, this CBD black tea facial exfoliant eradicates dead skin without causing damage to a sensitive face. This facial cleanser/exfoliant nourishes and awakens your faces using CBD and organic black tea leaves. The delightful smell will make you feel as if you are frolicking in the arid tea fields of Assam, India. Like a calm and beautiful melody, this CBD infused facial cleansing bar recipe will carry you away to a place without anxiety or stress. The gentle exfoliating powers of the tea leaves in this cleansing bar will leave your skin glowing and feeling softer than silk. The tea leaves in this exfoliating bar soften when exposed to hot water making them perfect for manging how genital of an exfoliant one would like to experience. Follow this easy tutorial to create your very own CBD black tea exfoliating facial cleanser!

You will only need the following three ingredients:

  • 1 tbs of Vivify CBD black tea (cut open 3-4 bags)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essential oil (oleoresin)
  • 1 of pound goat’s milk melt and pour soap base

You will also use the following supplies:

  • a big glass measuring cup (quart size) or microwave-safe bowl
  • silicon molds

Your beautiful smooth face is only four steps away!

Step one:

 cut the melt and pour goat’s milk soap base into pieces then add the CBD black tea leaves.

Step two:

Microwave the mixture for 40 seconds. Then mix the substance and repeat the prosses in 10-20 second intervals just until the cleanser mix is melted. It melts quickly!

Step three:

Take out the liquid facial cleanser from the microwave and mix it one last time before adding the vanilla essential oil. The goal is to keep the mixture liquid, yet cooled a bit so some tea leaves will remain suspended in the facial cleansing bars and not make the vanilla scent not fade too much due to the heat or sturring posses.

Step four:

Pour the CBD black tea cleansing mixture into the molds and allow it to fully cool before removing from molds.

This whole prosses only takes approximately 10 minutes, plus cooling time and yield up to 6 bars! Please remember to be careful around your eyes and also soften the bar under hot water before gently cleaning your face. You can conveniently buy the tea for this DIY on our website vivifytea.com. If you try this CBD exfoliating facial cleanser DIY project, please let us know how it goes and tag us on your social media post!

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