CBD Chai Tea Latte

If you are looking for a smooth and comforting drink that will make you feel all cozy inside, this CBD Chai Latte is perfect for

Easy CBD Milk Tea Gelato

This ice-cold CBD infused desert will melt away your stress! The summer sun is heating things up and now is a better time than any

CBD Boba Tea

Both CBD and Buba tea (also called bubble tea) are all the rage right now! This simple recipe combines these two treads creating an impressive

CBD facial cleansing exfoliant!

If you are looking to make an easy facial exfoliant with awsome benefit, then this is the perfect tutorial for you! With a creamy lather,

CBD may help aging

Aging Gracefully with CBD

As we cruise through life, there are bound to be a few speed bumps. Let’s discuss why CBD might be an effective tool to cushion the speed bumps with style.

DIY CBD Black Tea Body Scrub

This easy to follow DYI CBD Black Tea Body Scrub is the perfect product for all skin types! Remove dead skin and nourish it too!

CBD Oil VS Hemp Oil

CBD and hemp oil both come from the hemp plant but are as different as grapes and grape seed oil! To make more informed choices, let’s look at how these two items differ.

CBD: What Dose is Best?

When considering CBD, the first question for many is about how much should be taken. Currently, there are no solid guidelines for CBD dosage, so it can be a confusing topic.

CBD and Drug Testing

Although hemp products (including CBD) have been federally legalized, the possibility of failing a drug test is a legitimate concern for many people.

CBD Milk Tea Bath Bomb

The best CBD bath bomb recipe by far! This luxurious bath bomb will beautify your skin and enhance your bath time!